Alpine Resume

Aug 2014 – Mt. Rainier via Disappointment Cleaver

Guides: Lindsay Fixmer, Steve Gately, JM Gorum (RMI Expeditions)
Conclusion: Successful Summit

Screen Shot 2016-01-25 at 9.06.22 PM

GPS Track of Route (Disappointment Cleaver)

Dec 2015 – Cayambe

Guide: Casey Grom (RMI Expeditions)
Conclusion: Successful Summit

Cayambe Track

GPS Track of Cayambe Climb (from Cayambe Climbers Hut to Summit)

Dec 2015 – Chimborazo

Guide: Casey Grom (RMI Expeditions)
Conclusion: Successful Summit (Veintimilla peak, not Whymper summit)

Screen Shot 2016-01-25 at 9.29.14 PM

GPS Track of Chimborazo Climb (from Chimborazo High Camp to Summit)

Jan 2016 – 5 day ice climbing

4 days at Ouray Ice Park, in the following regions:
– South Park
– Deep South
– New Funtier
– Scottish Gulley
1 day in backcountry with multipitch climb of Chockstone Chimney, single pitch climb of “Chock up another one.” Lead climbing for multipitch climb was setup by our amazing guide Zach Lovell (American Alpine Institute).
Conclusion: can climb WI3 to WI4- easily, can climb WI4 with some difficulty
Learned how to setup top-rope ice system, either with static rope or cordellete. Learned how to use ice-screws for multipitch climbs and setting up ground anchors.

On the horizon

  1. Mt. Rainier via Kautz
  2. Cotopaxi
  3. Alpamayo and/or Artesonraju
  4. Rocky Mountain National Park (Estes Park) AAI Program
  5. North Ridge of Mt. Baker
  6. The Grand Tetons

Skills to Learn

  • Ski Mountaineering
  • Avalanche Safety

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